Don’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger…

I always found the idea of a Blog a bit self-indulgent. I think it stems back from the time that my father tried to write a book about his life.  Jacqui, my sister  (the youngest of three children from his previous marriage) had it and let me borrow it when I first met her.

Having never known him, I wanted to read it to get an idea of the man he was. To say he was a disappointment was an understatement. His life had taken many twists and turns much of which was of his own volition, however his sense of life’s unfairness and the fact that none of it was his fault struck me as he effectively absolved himself from all responsibility. Pretty apparent as he made no effort – or appeared to make no effort – to ever have contact with myself or my brother.

They say that the sins of the father are the sins of the son. In a way, although not consciously, my life could be said to have followed a similar path. Twenty years ago I would have said there was no way I was like him, today I’m not so sure. Nature or nurture, an interesting concept. I share many of his traits, an amiable personality with the ability to get on with people, a dreamer with hair-brained schemes, a bit of a grass-hopper, flitting from one idea to another.

I don’t know, and dare say I will ever know, the real reason behind the fact he kept some form of contact with Jacqui but never appeared to bother with myself and my brother David. To be honest, I am not that worried by it. I had a father figure – Jack, growing up. Both he and my mother did what they felt was right in bringing us up and in essence that is all you can ask of someone.  The only reason I think of my ‘real’ father is that I do wonder if it is ‘in the genes’.  I have previously mentioned our common traits… does it end there. Who knows?

What I do know is that rather than dwelling on my misfortunes and life events, I have a real desire to take them, learn from them and endeavour to make things better. It has been said I have a habit of doing anything for anyone but neglect those around me.  I don’t think that is the case. In my mind I have a level of priority and will try and do everything as and where I can. Does that mean I take on too much? Yes. Does that mean I am not capable of doing the best I can do? Perhaps.

I have covered some of my worst traits, but now to my best. I am a problem solver. These days nothing really fazes me and the reason I am good at what I do – life. Whether it was my time in the Royal Air Force, the years spent running and marketing a pub, my time at PC World or my time flying on fishery protection,  what I can say is, I have a lot of knowledge covering a wide a scope. Useful information and ideas, which if not documented, would be lost if anything ever happened to me. Jack of all trades  master of none, springs to mind. But also, I like to think, if I don’t know, I know someone who does!

So, what is the point of this blog. What is the point of anything?  It started off as a marketing idea to promote my business, Triton TS Ltd. Triton is a project, which, much like my plans for this blog, covers a multitude of sins. Triton does web site hosting and development.  We provide solutions to technical problems, we provide marketing solutions and we even do aerial surveillance consultancy. Why so broad?  Well basically it is everything I have done over the last thirty years.  There are no plans for any real structure, what I aim to do is provide suggestions and solutions for things that crop up, as and when I experience them.

So is the blog for me?  Not really. Is this for you as a reader ? To a certain extent . Hopefully if there is one thing I write, which you find helpful, then the blog has done it’s job. Is it for my children and children’s children? Most definitely, although I would like to think they would view it in a more favourable light than when I read my Dad’s attempt at a book.

During the log hours on fishery patrol in the South West Approaches, English Channel and North Sea, numerous conversations were held on numerous subjects. My friend and former colleague Paul James, often joked I should write a book and came up with ‘The World According to White’. Basically I had an opinion on almost everything.  Am I right?  I, of course, would like to think so. However, as we all know the world is not black and white, but shades of grey.