Servers and Web Hosting


Triton currently runs three servers based in UK Fasts data centre in Manchester. Remotely managed but with an on-site support team, you get the best of both worlds. Having three servers also means we have a versatile and effective means of providing exactly what the client wants.

Personally I like the Windows 2012 server. With a familiar look and feel, you can log into via remote access and run it as a PC. I run Novasoft’s Handy Backup allowing not only file back up and recovery, but also MySQL backup from the other two servers. It supports classic ASP, PHP, and as well as the Triton in-house email system. I have not had any unplanned issues in the two years I have been using my own server, and even if I did, on site technicians are available 247 via email and telephone support. All my legacy web sites are hosted here – apart from the odd html site, most were written in classic asp and good news for me, Microsoft will continue to support classic asp for the foreseeable future.

Having initially hosted sites as a reseller, loss of email was the biggest problem I had to contend with. The support package I was on, was email only, and trying to get the problem resolved was made more difficult with respect to the lack of communication. My client would contact me, I would email support, information was slow in coming and I had nothing to tell people. Switching to my own managed solutions, although costly in both money and time, was however the best move I have ever made. It has given me so much more scope and flexibility.

So… why do I have two others. Well, for starters, for my business clients, I wanted to separate mail management from web site management. The first indication that a site is down for most people, is there mail is down. My initial investment was the Windows Server for web hosting, and a Linux server for mail management. With two separate systems in place, an issue with one, does not affect the other. Also having a dedicated mail server allowed me to package features such as different webmail systems to choose from, server side anti-virus (stop the problem before the mail reaches your PC or tablet) and an easy to use mail management console so clients can create their own email addresses and change their passwords. All in all: win-win.

So, why the need of a third server? Well, it became very apparent that people are more confident with the web and are happy to manage a lot of the features themselves. WordPress is probably the most popular open-source content management system, and recently the request for sites built using WordPress has been quite common. To set the installation up on a Windows server is fairly straightforward, but ultimately takes time. Having a Linux server  with management via Plesk  (a user friendly graphical control panel) allowed me to have a play with an alternative way of doing things, and to be honest, for those who want to use WordPress, the in-built tools in Plesk makes it very easy.

Therefore the decision was made to get a Linux server for web site hosting. The new server went online back in November 2015. It is a crackin’ scalable resource, superfast, running Plesk 12.5, one of the most advanced web server and website management tools on the market. Able to run multiple versions of PHP, with automatic installation of WordPress and theme management within the main control panel, it is probably the most user friendly for those with a working knowledge of web site management.

To supplement the the two ‘Triton managed’ packages currently in use:

  • Personal – £66 p.a. and
  • Business hosting – £90 p.a. (£75 + VAT )

you can now choose from the following: ‘self-managed’ packages for web and mail on our dedicated Linux server:

WordPress Hosting: £4.80 per month

Supporting 1 WordPress site and up to 5 mailboxes this is a great little package if you want to run your own web site and make use of the free support provided by the WordPress community. N.B. A domain name is required for this package. Purchase yourself or we can source a at an additional £1.00 per month

Personal Hosting: £5.40 per month

Single domain hosting, up to 5 mailboxes, choice of Drupal or WordPress with ftp and file access to the server.

Business Hosting: £9.00 (£7.50 + VAT) per month

Supports up to 5 domains, 15 mailboxes, MySQL and PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. mutiple ftp access, initial email set up support.

Student Hosting: FREE FOR ONE YEAR.

If you are at college learning PHP and web development, or you are a student and need some web space for a personal project this package gives full ftp access for uploading your web files and scripts automatic installation of either WordPress or Drupal. Use your own domain name (we can source a for £12) and have up to 5 mailboxes or use a subdomain for free…for example: takes you to this WordPress site. Completely free for a year, then £5.40 per month thereafter, no contract, no cancellation fee, you can’t get much better than that!

So…. if you are in the market for web site hosting for a new project, or think that our business service is potentially better than the service you are currently receiving, get in touch: 07446 401646 / For businesses wishing to change services, we can provide a free 1 hour IT review to either assess what improvements can be made with your existing system or what alternatives we can offer to replace what is currently in use.