Technically proficient, efficient and adaptable, I initially joined the Royal Air Force from school which saw me promoted to Senior NCO and team leader.

Eight years in a retail environment enabled me to develop customer skills, become commercially focussed and service-orientated. 

Ten years at Directflight Ltd with the primary task of servicing a Government contract expanded elements of my two previous two roles. This involved liaison with senior civil servants and senior Naval Officers, providing a high-end, customer focussed operation and seeing me promoted to Senior Systems Operator. I was subsequently offered a senior management role in a start-up aviation company, which due to funding and cash-flow issues went into liquidation.

The subsequent time available allowed me to take on a voluntary role as Welfare Officer at Galmington Dragons Football Club, improve my football coaching qualifications and generally get more involved with football coaching and football management.  I am one of the ‘drivers’ behind the Taunton Town Youth Development programme. From scratch and within two years, I now co-ordinate the running of 7 teams in the Under 11 to Under 16 age bracket training over 140 children.


I am an experienced and skilled manager initially as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force, then as a manager of a Public House, Senior Systems Operator with Directflight Ltd then later as a Commercial Manager with C-Aviation Ltd and recently help set up a Café / Deli employing six staff.

I am a highly motivated individual. Comfortable with working and managing people in a high pressure environment, I am not easily stressed and am able to assess situations and act accordingly.

I have the ability and flexibility to assimilate information and quickly learn new technologies and procedures.

In an operational situation not only can I manage my own workload but am able to maintain an overview of the general situation, pass advice, offer support and use my initiative where appropriate.



April 2015, saw me taken on at Exeter Airport as a Dispatcher.  This involves co-ordinating passenger aircraft departures and turn-arounds ensuring crew requirements are serviced and aircraft depart on time. Being a part-time position, I fit work conducted through Triton TS Ltd around the hours I commit to the Airport. I am load control trained, co-ordinate the turn-around in an efficient and effective manner and have completed ramp and push-back training, allowing me to cover periods of ground-crew shortages ensuring on-time performance is maintained. Although not a management role, it maintained a connection with aircraft and has helped me develop an understanding of commercial aviation.


Being technically proficient and wanting an avenue to focus my management skills I developed a company providing services related to Web based services, management consultancy and computer related technical solutions. My areas of expertise are fairly broad-brush but generally related to computer related design work and web site management. I am also competent in web based programming languages and currently concentrate on database and information management ensuring regulatory compliances are met. I am highly capable in most aspects relating to office based systems, have set up a business management system for a start up business and work with clients creating  a solution tailored to the client’s requirements.

May 2012 – Jan 2014 C-AVIATION LTD

Contracted as the maritime specialist with a view to business development, I was responsible for business and contractual matters in relation to aerial surveillance work conducted by C-Aviation. My role also entailed liaising with Government officials and negotiating with service providers to ensure the business is conducted in a cost effective and efficient manner. Responsibilities included setting up of the Operations structure of the company initially at Coventry Airport, then relocating to MOD St Athan. I ensured all documentation was up to date and liaised with the clients to ensure mission planning followed their specifications. I was also responsible for the submission of a bid for an Environment Agency (Geomatics) contract, which despite being commended, was unsuccessful on price.

January 2002 – May 2012 DIRECTFLIGHT LTD

Aug 2011 – May 2012

Employed as reserve crew for the F406 twin-engined Caravan for ad-hoc surveillance work, including MOD, Qinetiq and equipment trials. As a crew of three, working in a close environment a great deal of inter-personal skill and team work was required. Being the most experienced surveillance operator within Directflight I also spent time subsequent to the award of the joint fisheries contract training & advising previous Scottish based crews on the operational requirements of English & Welsh waters and covering periods of leave working Scottish Fisheries from Inverness.

January 2002 – July 2011

I was initially a Systems Operator, then Senior Systems Operator on the UK fishery protection aircraft based out of Exeter Airport. Responsible for the provision of maritime surveillance data for the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and the instigation of enforcement action where and when an offence has been detected, the role involved:

1. Planning the mission before flight.

2. Co-ordinating with Government organisations both Military and Civil at management level.

3. Management of the aircraft mission equipment and mission control on task.

4. In flight communications and accurate recording of data during the sortie.

5. Court appearances and the provision of statements in relation to any observed offences.

As the Senior Systems Operator I was responsible for team training along with reporting and assessment of the other operators. My role in Directflight has expanded my military experience into the civilian element of maritime patrol, encompassing fishery protection, co-ordination with the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency), Search and Rescue and Pollution control.  I personally dealt with MMO operations staff, handling instructions and offering advice in relation to tasked missions.  I also attended meetings representing Directflight involving MMO senior management and Royal Navy fishery protection vessel Commanding Officers.

2000 – 2002  PC WORLD, Taunton

Part time employment with PC World, Taunton, initially as a member of the security team, migrating to the sales team and assisting in the technical department instructing customers on the use of their PC.

1995 – 2000 FARMERS ARMS, West Hatch, Taunton

Self-employed as part-owner of a pub near Taunton, Somerset. Responsibilities included the day to day organisation and management of the pub, book-keeping, ordering, stock control, staff employment, business promotion and marketing. Systems relating to health & safety and food hygiene were implemented along the lines of RAF standard operating procedures (SOP’s).

1986 – 1994 ROYAL AIR FORCE (Air Electronics Operator)

After an intensive training course involving principles of man management, communication procedures and radar and electronic warfare theory, I received a ‘Flying Brevet’, obtained the rank of Sergeant and I was posted as an operator on a RAF crew flying the RAF Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft. After one flying tour I was promoted to team leader. As the lead operator, I supervised a team of three others. My primary duties covered all aspects of aircraft systems essential for aircraft operation and safety and an in-depth knowledge of the electronic environment. Secondary duties covered day to day management on the ground and a responsibility for in-house team training and a contribution to overall crew training.

My final year on the squadron I became a Squadron ‘T’ (Training) Cat, training squadron members in relation to operating the aircraft equipment.

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